No alex, You are both. You are explointing your viewers and lying to them. You are one of the ones pushing them TO radical far right extremism. You are creating boogeymen for them to target and scapegoats to blame all their ills on.

Thing is, You are Americans. You are just Americans who have allowed yourselves to be led astray by radical extremist ideology that seeks to transform America into something it has NEVER been. A country where people can pick and chose who has what rights and who is a "Real American"

And why do you do it?" You NEED them afraid. You have to exploit their fear because you have sponsors who can sell them the solutions to all the things you are lying to them and telling them are their problems.

You also complain about the evil media when you ARE every bit the media as any example you can point to. You ARE the problem you complain about and you exploit that to sell them the solution. That solution being shitty products and lies upon lies.

So its time for you to remember you ARE an American and stop with your America hating exploitation of Americans. YOU are the problem we have to correct.

Now sit down and go take your blood pressure medication before you black out again.

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