I found an answer on why they want everybody vaccinated. The neurotic pressure of politicians to have that needle in your arm or a mask on your face must have an explanation. This is my explanation. There is something in that vaccine they haven't told the public about. To prove later, the damage that these vaccines are causing can only be proven if you have a reasonable unvaccinated people in the control group, That control group must be eliminated by getting them all vaccinated. My guess is that what is in the vaccine is reducing the fertility of the next generation. How are you going to prove this ones you are taking over by a group of globalists who tells you when to be happy and when the actual reduced control group is so small that they are not willing to take the risk in stepping forward and be part of that research. It's like "man on the moon" they have never been there, and it was not necessary to have that secrete for everybody. The few who knew were silenced and slowly died out. The rest could be told anything they like to hear.

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