Duhh! Of course it leads to the Vax. What you don't get is where this is heading. The Borg have needles in their bodies constantly. The Borg are all tied to a center collective hub. No Borg does anything as an individual as they all are controlled from the center hive mind. For you christians people, think of how invasive the evil one has become towards your God in that not only can it kill the flesh from the outside, but now twists, perverts, sickens, and destroys your God's creation from the inside out. Where is your God? Why does He not intervene? Because you are embarrassed of your own God's Righteousness, your children are suffering. You think drawing a parallel to the sci-fi Borg is fantasy talk? The fool dies through folly, which is lack of instruction, and there is a lot of that going about at this very moment. When will you dumb$hits wake up from your folly and realize your foot is on fire and you are about to be burned away?

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