Please don't misunderstand what is going on here, Joe Biden isn't ignoring anything, he's doing everything he is doing on purpose. His job is to literally cause the collapse of the United States of America, just like Justin Trudeau's job in Canada is to cause the collapse of the Canadians' society, and many other world leaders around the globe who are in control of those many nations is to do the same. Why? Because these people are taking part in the World Economic Forum's "Great Reset" initiative. Klaus Schwab is the man behind this all, the Great Reset is a product of his own sick personal aspirations. He dreamt it up years ago, and even wrote books about it. The OFFICIAL slogan of the Great Reset (and has been for YEARS) is "Build Back Better", sound familiar? It is a REQUIREMENT for the reset to be considered a success, that the long standing western governments of the world MUST COLLAPSE. Last year, as soon as the pandemic became a pandemic, Klaus made an official announcement to his people who are embedded in governments in key positions around the world, that he was implementing his Great Reset initiative now, and he needed everyone who is a stakeholder to participate and do the things that had long been planned. Sounds like something out of a George Orwell novel, but this is all really happening. Joe Biden is INTENTIONALLY doing every bit of what he's doing. And speaking of the vaccine, there isn't a chance in HELL I would ever willingly get that death jab. While I do not know for sure if these people are intentionally trying to kill off a large portion of the human population, there's really no way to determine that they are or that they aren't. That is a 50/50 chance as far as I'm concerned and those are not odds I want to wager my own life on in any case. Might as well play Russian roulette by yourself, you're odds of survival are just as good and you will end up getting the same thing out of the deal.

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