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These "vaccines" are equivalent to Russian Roulette being played w/ one's near & long-term health. I & husband (76 & 83, respectively) have practiced numerous healthy longevity measures for 20+ & 35+ yrs, respectively. We have NO life-threatening disorders. We have never had "the flu", never taken a "flu shot", rarely have "colds" (can't remember the last) - our immune systems are stellar; any cuts/scrapes heal quickly. I may have had a very mild COVID-19 case back in Feb 2020 when I felt draggeout for 2 days incl T of 99.4F; took extra immune boosters & was fine. Husband wasn't aware of anything, but if I had "it", he likely did too, just milder.... Endangering our immune systems by playing COVID-19 "Vaccine" Russian Roulette is the last thing we will do!

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