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Great video and lots of facts. I have one suggestion though. The audio on your video is really bad, the level of your mic is all over the show and the EQ needs some serious tweaking too. I am a sound engineer (40 yrs+). The end result is that us older folk, with our ears that are more sensitive to upper mid range frequencies, literally have hurting ears. I had to turn down your volume so much to stop my ears from hurting when you shout, so that the normal and softer parts were virtually inaudible

Might I suggest 2 things.

  1. Set your EQ on your microphone and attenuate 2.5KHz -3.5KHz by at least -3db. You have a very mid range "heavy" voice, and frequencies from 2k-4k are the most painful to be exposed to if they are too loud. Secondly, they are the frequencies that are perceived by the ear to be louder than they actually are (Equal Loudness Curve) AND lastly, that is the frequency "band" that people are more sensitive to when they get older - so a triple whammy.

  2. Get a compressor (or at least a limiter) and pit your microphone through it. This will smooth out the levels so you do not have low volumes suddenly followed by ear splitting massive volumes when you get excited and shout.

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