Dr. Mengele-Fauci can take all the booster shots he wants. He's an evil man with an evil agenda. He funded this bioweapon with taxpayer monies through shell companies from universities to wuhan lab. And these are not vaccines , they are experimental gene therapy that has never been tried on humans on this global scale. What I find most disturbing is that they knew there were proven drugs to treat Covid and yet they waited until a person was almost dead before they did anything to help them. Once you were infected with Covid you were headed to the hospital where the first thing they do is to deny your family visiting, second thing they sedate you, third thing they intubate you and the 4th thing is they pump you full of another EUA drug called Remdesivir(sp) which shuts your kidneys down in about 5 days and you die. This is the hospital protocol. I'm finding very difficult to believe that a doctor would intentionally kill the patient because of some protocol. Ivermectin is an approved drug to treat COVID according to the NIH website: This raises a couple of questions in my mind. If there are other proven drugs and therapies on the market how could the FDA extend the Emergency Use Authorization. Because in order to pull that card there really can't be anything else to treat with. Lie. Lie and more lies. Covid really isn't even a pandemic with a 99.5+% survivability rate. Early treatment with Ivermectin or HCQ cocktail and you're back in business in less than a week. If you go on a ventilator your odds of leaving the hospital are slim to none and slim just left town. Get you some meds and keep them handy in case you are infected. But we are not talking about the black plague here. Now with vaccinated people their immune system is shredded by the toxins, metals, parasites and mRNA genetic coding they might feel the urge to go to the hospital. Once you're in a hospital you're pretty much stuck, unless you want to sneak out. I swear this jab was created to kill a whole lot o people. Whatever we can do to stop these maniacs we need to do it and soon.

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