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Just keep this in mind!there is going to be a nuclear war on american soil and russian soil and in europa!most of those lands will be wastelands,the one place it wont happen is southern africa,but we will also have a civil war here and the european christians will win!REMEMBER THAT WHEN THE SATANIST LEFT WILL START KILLING YOU CHRISTIANS THEN WE WILL INVITE YOU CHRISTIANS OVER TO US TO RESTART A NEW CHRISTIAN ONLY COUNTRY THAT WILL STRETCH FROM THE CAPE TO THE EQUATOR!ITS OUR FATHERS YAHWEHs WILL AND SO IT WILL BE,NO JEW OR COMMIE CAN STOP IT!GODS PROPHETS OF ZEPHANIA AND ISAIAH AND BOER PROPHETS HAVE CONFIRMED IT THAT ISRAELS 12 TRIBES WILL BE SOUTH OF THE RIVERS OF KUSH(AFRICA,ETHIOPIA).

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