Sadly though, Paul Wittenberger is a bit of a douche. He went along with Pastor Anderson for a while and many of us supported him (including financially) because of that. Seemingly he broke away from the NIFB - which is his choice - but then he became rather crazy because of this covid thing, also because Pastor Anderson was not anti-establishment enough for his liking. He deliberately started interviewing people including backstabber preachers who are known adversaries to us. He also absolutely cannot handle criticism - some of his fellow brethren were not happy about him interviewing pagans and weirdos, so he gave them Youtube copyright strikes on Gospel presentation videos out of pure spite. I even defended his right to interview unsaved guests, but rebuked him for being so mean to his supposedly fellow brethren, and I got 2 strikes too. So just from me, but plenty other NIFB followers, nuts to Paul and his crackpot movies - the main reason people followed him was because of us wanting to see Pastor Anderson/Jimenez etc videos (which are awesome). Couldn't care less about his conspiracy theory movies.

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