At 6:23, he says the response to the mRNA vaccines shows that the immune system already was primed to defend against Covid-19. So, why did Covid-19 happen at all?

At 14:25 he says that anyone getting a booster will get a "God help you" type of attack by your own body against your blood vessels. Well, since in my neighborhood and church, we don't have even a 10% death rate over the past year, there are two possible conclusions;

Either the mRNA vaccines are just placebos (that is, plain water). Or, the doctor is wrong about how these mRNA vaccines affect the blood vessels.

Now that I thing the FDA approved mRNA vaccines are bad because they are immorally produced. So, will never accept them. And I also think there is good reason to be suspicious of liberal media and government. But, that doesn't mean we shouldn't also subject other sources of information to similar scrutiny. Logic is logic.

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