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For any vax, use a 5g 60Ghz frequency generator and check for response. Some vaxxes are genocidal while others are more sinister. Patented tech indicates a 3 phase treatment for 5g connected interface with read/write capability to peripheral nerves. Phase 1 is the primer, it enables bonding to the nerves, phase 2 or 3 is the antennae technology and the 3rd or 2nd is the nano tech. It is ultra simple and the claim is that it will restore function of prosthetic limbs, paralyses or other nerve loss. On the other hand, this 5g connected interface can also be used to control and read from the entire body and all its sensory functions, thus can feed a central computing system and be controlled by feed back also from a central computing system. My suspicion should be clear, they are doing this for the latter function, total control! This is why they are trying to pass this off as a vaccine and force it on people. They want to kill everybody over a certain age and control the rest.

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