Hey Stew. I love your work. We need help. There are a few of us who think we know what this vaccine does. We think it can form a second nervous system, if you will, that they can manipulate with 5G technology. I am going to send you some videos. could you look at them and tell us what you think? One guy I have been discussing this with thinks we should test what all this stuff in the vaccine does when exposed to 5G signals. The graphene oxide makes up the nerves and the Hydra thing is a synthetic neuron that can actually connect to the human nervous system. Stew they can do just about anything to us if they can do that. Manipulate us or just kill us. If it were hooked to the heart you could just send a signal to the heart to disrupt it's function. You could manipulate emotions. Clause Schwab said in the future you will own nothing and be happy. Well the only way that happens if if your emotions are being controlled. So here are some videos that support this idea. I hope you watch them and maybe you can us figure this whole thing out.,-further-brain-research.html

You can contact me at Azmeeraz on Gab. if you can help us put this together it would be appreciated. You actually gave us the pieces of the puzzle we needed with your doctors looking at the vaccines under a microscope videos. We actually think you may understand and get it. Many will not.

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