I really hope that the officer and all at were involved in this get testicle cancer and get tea bags to your f**** face for being nothing but communist scumbags and America don't want your mother f****** asses. So where is the sheriff in this state to arrest these 2 big bullies AKA tyrants acting like kings. I stand with this young girl and her father and all who want to go to school and learn new things without trying to breathe was a useless face mask I can't even stop the wind. It's all bulshit indoctrination and I bet they're teaching crdt and other disgusting I'm sure there's some perverted pornographic pedophile books lying around somewhere in that school that they've been teaching these kids for quite some time. The reason why I say that because another school did this for about five six years teaching young kids things that they should not be learning at this time but this school and all who signed off on all these books to be used should be charged with pedophilia and distributing pornographic material to these young kids. Everybody remember all of their names every last one of them from west to east and north and south who perpetrated enjoying this satanic cult to control our kids and to bring washing them and grooming them for very disturbing messed up s* I've ever heard in my life.

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