That piece of s*** f**** bastard institution that used to be known as the FBI ran by a scumbag communist f* face. I hope Mary Garland gets cancer testicle disease of the face elephantitis of the nuts as well. I also hope that we have a pinata party over the weekends we can all beat the living s*** out of this mother f*** with a wiffle ball bat so what about that Mary Garland douchebag. How dare that lowlife piece of trash treat the parents of our children at school for sticking up for the children that are going to these Communists run schools. Parents have every right to be there and I'll see you after I get to the f**** way is in the local police need to arrest them and charge them for disturbing the peace interfering in matters that do not concern them. We all need to take a stand against this communist tyrannical government at every level local state and federal need to get involved every red white and blue American Patriot that is trying to save our constitutional republic from these Communists Invaders. God bless all of the Mama and Papa bears out there protecting your kids don't stop don't ever stop. God bless you God bless America

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