They give Trump, and top officials the placebo (or very low levels of some vaccine), so they will say to themselves, "I didn't get any reaction," then they now become advocates for this killing concoction. I would pray, though I am not a praying man, that people would begin to understand this. Those people you speak to down here with the average folks that got the vaccine, and felt no reactions, WERE LUCKY to get the placebo. In double blind studies, neither the participants, or the ones administering KNOW which one is which. Only those responsible for this poisoning knows. If Trump, or any government officials (ect) get the vaccine, then suddenly fall ill in a bad way, do you think the 'public-at-large' will not question it? This begs the question: "Do our governing leaders actually care?"

In a population control scenario, do you think death is arbitrarily selected like names drawn out of a hat?

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