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Up front - I am very much against mandatory vaccines. Though I am vaccinated and I have encouraged my family to be vaccinated, to force a vaccine on someone is in my opinion tyrannical. As an MD, I must comment, however, on the content of this video. The COVID vaccine is NOT causing cancer. It CAN cause lymph node enlargement in the axilla (armpit) of the injected arm. That can be mistaken for metastatic spread of tumor - in particular breast cancer. We as Radiologists are very much aware of that and often suggest the possibility. It is NOT cancerous, it will not become cancerous and it is self-limited. One more point. You state at least 2 examples in the video of women 'getting cancer' within 2 weeks and 3 weeks of the vaccine. Cancer does not develop and clearly does not show itself by any imaging modality we have, in that short a period of time. It takes a minimum of many months to years to show up. Therefore the vaccine is completely unrelated in the cases you describe.

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