I have NEVER seen the government or private sector individually or together attempt such a bold move. There is so much more to it than meets the eye. Speaking of eyes. The All Seeing Eye is up to its eyeballs in this masonic psyop. The 30330 used by Biden is an example. The derivative of the year 2020 divided by the Mark of the Beast 666. And Hunter's filthy lucre from Burisma. 17 payments of $83,333.33. All the 33 are a sweet reminder to these Luciferians that JESUS was murdered by their ilk a couple a thousand years ago. 33 degrees for a reason. And the steps leading to the Israeli Supreme Court which is inside an Illuminati pyramid with the All Seeing Eye of Lucifer as the capstone. 30 steps for 30 degrees and 3 floors of library to complete the 33. G.W.Bush worships Lucifer. So does John Kerry. Skull and Bones is America's version of the Thule Society. They both wear the same insignia of skull and bones. This World ain't nothing like what the media manipulators having the masses believe. JESUS SAVES

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