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A message to the 1% of the 1%

We are special. The people of this World, ordinary people, particularly the ones you cannot buy, are special. You cannot imitate us with your A.I. Though you may try, even if you worked on it for another 1000 years, you would not get close. You pretend that you can....but you know and we know that all you have is illusion. We have always been free. The likes of you have never owned us and never will, so long as we draw breath.

If you think you can extinguish that breath - you are welcome to try....bring it on. You own the music and film industry and populate the 'talent' with your offspring. For this reason, you deny real talent exists, because your offspring are talentless freaks and you would have the World believe that 'they are the best out there'. We know and have always known different.

Now, the World wakes to your deception....and nothing can stop the Great Awakening....

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