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Covid-19 is the Flu rebranded, but the Delta Variant is the VACCINE. The mRNA in the jabs is programmed to make the body produce "spike proteins". These spike proteins are suspiciously similar to coronavirus and are essentially what is being called the "Delta" variant. These viral proteins are what is responsible for what is called "shedding" and is essentially a contagion carrying the mRNA codes that will infect non-vaxxed people, and children, like a virus and cause non-vaxxed people to have covid-19 symptoms. And, since Covid-19 is defined as the symptoms of infection and not the virus responsible for the infection, the symptomatic response of non-vaxxed from exposure to this contagious mutagenic vaccine (which has modified the DNA of another person and programmed their cells to replicate it) is what they are calling a "pandemic of the non-vaxxed". Yeah, sure, I guess you can say that, since they made being "vaxxed" equivalent to Typhoid Mary. God help us all.

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