There are two components - luciferin is the protein and luciferase is the enzyme. It takes both to produce light. This is how fireflies and deep-sea creatures glow. But why? Prof. Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that when mammals eat plants that contain chlorophyll, their bodies "harvest" the photonic energy as "biophotons." Popp's research on cancer cells showed that the biophotons are used for cell signaling by DNA-containing cells. This was confirmed spectacularly by 1970s Russian DNA research which found that DNA made holographic "copies" of itself from biophotons which lasted for 30 days. The vaxx luciferin complex was originallys designed to subvert and supplant the natural chlorophyll system through Smart Dust nanotech takeover and remote control via satellite phone transmission. The Luciferin-luciferase complex was developed and tested in vivo as part of the Morgellons Disease bioweapon constellation together with many of the viral lipid encapsulations and some other components. All are defeatable. The science has already been seeded globally.

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