I keep hearing Australians gave up their guns and they get what they deserve. Really? The gun culture in the UK and Canada is the same in Australia. There is still gun ownership It's just that the automatic weapons have been banned. Their are plenty of people who have guns but they had to go through a days training to obtain a licence and the guns have to be stored in a safe. Australians are by nature very laid back but while everyone has been in lock down cycles, the state governments have been bringing in new laws There is currently a Bill trying to be pushed through that means All unvaccinated will be detained under Biosecurity laws. Queensland is building Wellness camps, one of which is at the airport in Toowoomba. Currently the army is set up camp there. I have been sent the photos. Farmers have had the banks take the farms even though there has been no default and the money is in the bank to payout the mortgage. The education department has a bus going to primary schools called Jabba the bus, to vaccinate the kids.. The Doctors and nurses have been told not to record deaths and adverse effects from the vaccine. There are so many people dying from the vaccine and others who are seriously ill from it. $5000 au fine in the Northen Territory if you don't get jabbed. The Doctors get paid $190 per vaccination.They are paying Aboriginal people $500 each to get vaccinated. On the 17th December the emergency health order cannot be renewed here in Queensland. The push to get us all vaccinated before then is on. They can stick their vaccinations up their backsides. Not having it, just on flaming principle.

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