Ok, I searched for stories about the Vernon Jones Rape Investigation. There are some stories but the accuser chose not to pursue, there were a few other stories about misconduct. Part of the reason for a lack of anything serious coming of it could be due to he was a Democrat during that period and we know Democrats skate on most crimes. The other problem is we know the Democrats hate when Black people openly support Trump as VJ has, PLUS he became a Republican. Considering all that, the MSM would be all over this like flies on shit, but they're not. So it is curious, this goes back 15 or so years, it may have been settled out of court and if so, it's settled and time to move on. If it isn't settled then why isn't the MSM all over it and they would be before anyone else because he's a Trump Supporting Republican now. If this is true, sure the man's a piece of shit, if it's settled then it's settled and let it go, if you have reason to believe it isn't then you damn well better have the receipts. Here is the google search page with links if anyone is interested:

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