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I work with about 15 to 20 People and out of everyone only 2 my self and 1 other Person is UNVACCINATED. So from what I was told everyone else is Fully Vaccinated at my job. I stay away from everyone and keep 6 feet distance because I am afraid of SHEDDING. I understand they thought they were doing the right thing but out of FEAR. I have been told over and over again they did it out of Fear to catch the Covid-19 Virus. Little by little I have been showing and giving my co-workers the Websites to hear, see and get the TRUTH. I do not wish for death or for anyone I know to die. I just pray that me being in close distance to those who took the jab doesn't affect or hurt me because I am the only bread winner in my home and I have 3 kids at home with a wonderful stay at home wife. I couldn't live with my self if I get affected and bring something home and something happens to one of my kids or wife. This really upsets me because I know no one in their right mind would of taken these death shots. Now it's to late for them but I will never get the jab and lord knows No One Better EVER inject any of my kids! I do not want to be labeled as a terrorist or anything of the sort. I worry every single day about all this.

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