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My prediction on the Kyle Rittenhouse case:

  1. He will be found guilty, due to jury threats, immense political pressure to "get all conservatives", danger of BLM/Niggers burning down cities in protest.

  2. BLM/Niggers will STILL burn down cities in celebration of "getting that white supremacist boy"

  3. Kyle is sent to solitary confinement for "his own safety". Case is immediately appealed.

  4. On appeal case is thrown out of court due to obvious miscarriage of justice. Kyle is quietly released and goes into hiding.

  5. Media is dead silent on the issue of his acquittal as the powers that be, just want Kyle to just go away quietly now that he's served his purpose as "Red Meat" to be fed to the ravenous, insane woke mob.

Now you could say that he would be "Epsteined" while in custody with the story buried by the Democrat-controlled mainstream media, however when the truth comes out, Kyle would become a martyr to the right, which the left certainly don't want.

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