this is likely a complete fabrication by American Jews who created Q, Anonymous, QAnon, Trump, etc. Trump is friends with Bill & Hillary Clinton, Evelyn Rothschilde, Epstein, & Ghislaine Maxwell, as well as here father Robert Maxwell. this is an American Jew fabricated lie to prop Trump up in ratings & portray him as a saviour, when Trump is a suspected pedophile child rapist, who raped a 13 yr. old White American girl at Epstein's Apt. in NYC. & was probably secretly filmed by Epstein & or Ghislaine.

  • which then was why Jews selected him as the next Jew Puppet Shill President.
  • - in 1995, Trump was pre-planning 911 with Netenyahu, publishing Mossad ( Shin Bet ) Israel IDF lies that ' Arabs would attack NYC sometime in the near future'. therefore Trump is a 911 Co-Conspirator.
  • - Trump pardoned criminal JEWS on his last day in office.
  • - Trump pardoned Blackwater for war crimes committed against Arabs.
  • - Trump aided & abetted American Jews flooding America with Somali niggers, Pakastani Muslims, & other 3rd world criminal adult diseased filth. while lying & claiming that he was building a wall.
    • Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter has documented Trump's betrayal on this issue several times. while Jews adminning Gab have deleted user's accounts who document Gab's ( Andrew Torba's<--{ JEW ]) collusion with the ADL, the Jew-infested FBI, & the whole creation & promotion of Q, QAnon, NeonRevolt, Microchip, Pizzagate. this is a standard American Jew tactic: deflect, distract. suppress. lie. just as Jews infiltrated or created the 911 Truth Movement to deflect from the fact that American Jews did 911, & blame it on the U.S. govt. as an 'inside job' ( Alex Jones - Jewish Gatekeeper ) Jews used 2 micro-nukes on 911 that had been stored at the Israeli Embassy in NYC, prior to being transferred to the Twin Towers bldgs. Micheal Chertoff JEW wrote in Immunity for Israel from prosecution for 911
  • - & this is why it was called 'Ground Zero': is defined as being the epicenter of a thermo-nuclear detonation event. which were captured as seismic events.
  • - Trump elevated American Jews above White Americans. Trump extorted $38 billion dollars to Israel. Trump is JEW Filth. Trump is NIGGER Filth. this is the actual story. not some satanic pedophilia hysteria craze created by American Jews' control of all aspects of America, including it's govt., it's medical, it's food, it's water, it's military.. too bad you lames can't figure any of this out by yourselves.

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