I stopped watching at 3 min. The clip is alright, but the problem is that, being typical White men, they're so f'ing gas-lit with White guilt that they have to talk about this as if the real victims are the black players. No, the victims are White people. Kapernick's statement targeted White people. His video was meant to spread guilt in White people. Stop boohoo-ing about how the poor millionaire Blacks must feel about this. Guys, they either like it, or don't give a damn. Stop pretending that they're the ones propaganda like this is supposed to demoralize. The guest began to bring this up, but Rogan shut him down. Then afterwards he whines about "there's real racism out there." You want to know what the real God damn racism "out there" is? It's the constant bullying of White people for crimes we do not and typically did not do. Instead of constantly groveling for Black approval, grow some balls and defend your own kind, you stupid losers.

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