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January 6th was not a coup, it was a warning. This wicked governance hasn't seen a Coup d'état yet, or Jerkmate Joe would not be in the White house. The kettle is boiling hot! A tipping-point will soon be reached. Once that happens, the purge of the wicked begins. We're not coming for BLM, Antifa, or your purple haired neighbor who is gay. No No we're coming for the top dogs. You are going down! No mercy! No hesitation! Straight to God for immediate Judgement as per His commands! There be no other way! The anarchist factions that get in the way will be cut down. No exceptions! For the sake of the Righteous! Jim Acosta will be stripped of his career, and placed in foster care, as he is still a child needing to play alone with an imaginary friend. This will be good for him. 😎

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