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Where's her people? Needed is a 24/7 group. Round the clock always watching the place, even remotely, There's no choice to live in a garden of eden with no technology, with the devil is't like all or nothing loyalty because they know what a vampire is, a spaceship is, what an underground secret city is. They don't exist to the surface dwellers except as a voice in the head. Right back to the snake in the garden of eden just a voice in the head looking for loyalty because the voice was a vampire and we all know what a vampire needs to sustain. Jesus dripping out for 3 days on the cross was the example. She might have took that money to buy that expensive property and that is like you can't have it both ways to them. It's the power to get listened to that gets their ex operative people in trouble. She has that degree. Get's listened to. People aren't poo pooing on the random nobody that sounds like they went crazy against vaccines, it's the scientists that defect. That's like a war to them. Now it's like so far gone against the blood drinkers and sex freaks, they are just going for a global reset. Some say they are getting wiped out like you see the Vancouver, Canada flood out as of November 16, 2021. Some say that's an underground vampire base being wiped out, it's similar to the White House area being all flooded out. TheRealGeneDecode on or covers it, still not enough proof as the devil can play dead in theory, It's for sure on topic that vampires are and always have been running this planet and they don't want to lose their spaceships.

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