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Just listened to this. It sounds as if Belfast is suffering from the kind of pointless heavy-handed official policies we have here in California. What I've learned about Belfast is that there is a good number of people who would fit right in the freer parts of the US. So how uniform is actual enforcement of these crappy policies ? Could you go to the Christmas Market without a mask and not be bothered? Here, enforcement varies by county, and a lot of it relies on social opprobrium. So San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties have very strict rules like your Christmas Market and there are many lightly employed officious true believers in the urban core. They have nothing to do other than get into peoples' faces. But in Orange County we walk unmasked right past the "masks required" signs and nobody says anything. The employees are wearing face diapers but most of the customers are not. Sometimes it's around 70-30 unmasked to masked. Merchants are still glad to take our money.We don't have the stupid passport yet, but not for lack of trying by wild-eyed totalitarian health & safety humpers.

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