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I recommend that we go the other way ... THERE ARE NO 3RD WORLD WHITE COUNTRIES !!! We should develop a program, starting within our extended families, to help willing WHITE families have more healthy children/adults because we are the heart and soul of this country, but, we don't get free government stuff because we're the only group that is not a 'protected class', in addition WE WON'T NEED ANY IMMIGRANTS ... Women have to do a LOT more work to make healthy children, and Men have to do a LOT more work to make healthy adults, because children need two parents !!!

America has been very successful as a Christian/WHITE country, in fact, I think that we are both the largest Christian country and the largest WHITE country, and we should continue ... I would be willing to have this conversation and articulate the advantages of America remaining a Christian country, in fact, ALL COUNTRIES SHOULD BE DOING THIS !!! In addition, I think that we should debate America remaining WHITE, too, e.g. a BIG SWITZERLAND instead of a LITTLE CHINA/AFRICA, and it would go something like this: "WHITE People are Tall, Strong, Smart, Honest, Hard-working, Good-looking, English-speaking Christians, assets to every country, building civilizations everywhere we go !!!" THERE ARE NO 3RD WORLD WHITE COUNTRIES ... WE HAVE GREAT CULTURE !!! In addition, there are 5 really successful countries in Africa (Seychelles, Mauritius, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Botswana), and, guess what, THEY'RE ALL CHRISTIAN ... PONDER THAT !!! @a @DrPaulGosar @LaurenBoebert @LaurenWitzkeDE @Mattgaetz @RandPaul @realdonaldtrump @RealMarjorieGreene @VDARE @wendyrogersaz

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