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The breakup of marriage and the family, the redefining of age old words, actions and beliefs will be the total collapse of the America I grew up in. It’s too late, you cannot stop it... it began when Americans stopped having babies and tossed mom to the corporate wolves as their help meet. What ever you believe must come back to the beginnings of what made us great in the first place. That happens one family at a time. One community at a time, from deep within a Christian people that return to Gods word.

That God was racist is very apparent in the Old Testament,, and yet he destroyed Israel and Jerusalem replacing it with the apple of his eye from the beginning, His bride, the Church.

Until America is reborn in the church house she will never be reborn in the court house, state house, school house. Until their is rebirth in your house, the church house is twice dead and plucked up by the roots

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