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If Trump would have done his job and upheld his oath to defend country and election system, Biden wouldn't have even been allowed on ballot and he wouldn't have been able to cheat Tulsi out of the primaries, and everyone would have voted for Tulsi Gabbard instead. First female President hit glass ceiling of election fraud. Probably karma against her because she wrote anti-2nd amendment legislation that would have disarmed people like Kyle Rittenhouse who would have been killed trying to defend his city from burning. What a dumb btch Tulsi Gabbard is. Swears an oath as a soldier to defend constitution, then tries to undermine bill of rights.

People still would take tulsi over pedophile joe though, if Trump admin had defended election system. No one would logically vote for Fools Gold President trump again after getting backstabbed by his administration. Thats how we ended up with Biden.

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