Imagine if the case was all black people. 3 black people all chase down 1 single unarmed black guy who had no stolen goods on him, and kill him claiming he was snooping around their neighborhood. Those 3 black guys would probably be found guilty too, if u take race out of it, because it would look like gangstalking turf war.

I wanted to put my professor under citizens arrest for trafficking students and extorting them, a felony in the state I was in, and citizen arrest laws would allow it. The police were covering for the professor and benefiting from the scam so I was tempted to arrest him myself. The state laws say you have 72 hours to bring them to the courthouse after citizens arrest. I just avoided the whole situation even though I think it would be technically justified. In my case I never received justice because corrupt government, but at least I didn't end up like these guys with their failed citizens arrest.

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