As someone who knows more than the typical American about the subject, I have to say that the Ukrainian nationalists have the same victim mentality as the jews. They just don't have the same resources to spread their fake victimhood propaganda as the jews.

Of course a jew will crush any attempt at equating (or exceeding) any event to the Holohoax. That's the reason that the Ukrainian nationalist narrative concerning the famine doesn't get mainstream traction. That's the key to understanding this: it's not that it's not beneficial to the globalist cabal agenda, but that nothing should attempt to overshadow the "Holocaust" jewish eternal victimhood narrative.

In that time, there was a famine, rumors of war which disrupted planned grain supplies from the neighboring countries, and resistance to colletivization (among many other factors). It created a perfect storm which led to starvation, and many more people died outside of the Ukraine from it.

The word "Holodomor" has entered the English language as an intentional manipulation of the word "Golodomor", with a G. "Golodomor", etymologically, has the root "golod", meaning "hunger / starvation".The obvious reason for the switcheroo with the transliteration in English is to ride on the coattails of the jewish holohoax. As in, "the jews suffered in the 'HOLOcaust', and we're also special victims because we suffered in the 'HOLOdomor'." But, as I said, completely unrelated words etymologically. Just the Ukrainians being sleazy and co-opting a historic tragedy of the entire Soviet Union to be exclusively about themselves as victims, demanding sympathy and special treatment. Sound like another ethnic group we know?

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