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Hey I really related to this greatly and yeah, fuck these UW researchers. What are their ultimate intentions for understanding our childhood-traumatized brains? It can't be good, prob covertly funded by the CIA. Personally I think we dont trust partners in relationships because we have a heightened awareness of the underlying selfishness beneath the biochemical lie of romantic love. In other words, we know from experience that love is mostly bullshit anyways. But jeez at least now I know why I usually skip the seatbelt and text at 80mph. I could definitely cut that out. Hey since we are both brainfucked in the same way maybe we should get together, see if our mutual fucked:upness makes us a good match. Sexually speaking, I can tell you no bullshit my hypersensitivity has given me an incredible talent for making women come. gutsknucklebone at gmailDM me if you want to connect. :)

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