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Well - that's what is called "fighting ones own demons" - every rape, beating, abuse, bullying ends at some time. It are our own impressions that haunt us ... and it is up to us, to step up against the haunting. Shall we lose, we change... Shall we win, we also change - but if for better or worse, depends again - on us.

As Nietzsche said - when fighting demons, watch out not to turn into the demons you are fighting. At the end, Nietzsche himself lost his battle... so did Freud. So did many many people, great or small...

Our body is not able to fight off stronger abusers (parents, family members, school mates, or random people who decide to ravage on us) but our brain can defeat anything... the most tricky part of life is - our brain, that can do anything, will make us believe the contrary... there is hidden the loophole, that we often cannot defeat, even if we are aware of it.

Even Bruce Lee did not defeat his own inner demons - which were not made up, those were born from abuse as well.

Keep fighting. Win And then turn into better people, not worse (not next gen abusers)

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