There is no such thing as Transgender. Transgender is a medical designation of those who have sex reassignment surgery. The vast majority of those "classified" as transgender are not transgender at all because they haven't had reassignment surgery. What they are is TRANSVESTITES. Those Gay Men who play, act the part of the female in their perverse relationship, and vice versa with the lesbians who play, act the part of the male in their perverse relationships. Getting a boob job, or having boobs removed doesn't make a person a transgender, it makes the a loony toon. So enough of the Transgender crap, call them by their right name, to call them what they are not is to propagate a lie. And lies is exactly what these sad poor souls need to escape the reality of what they truly are, abominations!!. And weep not for the GOP, they've been taken over by globalist pigs who in truth are Republicrats. If there was anymore proof that the Republican Party has moved to the extreme left, it's their stand on Transgenders.

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