White Rabbit, Have A Question That Has Not Been Answered Anywhere. After Two Moderna's Pseudo-Vaccine Shots, Will My Natural Immunity Ever Return? Am Taking Quercetin, NAC, Milk Thistle, L-Lysine, Zink, Vit-B Complex, Vit-C, Vit-D3, All To Help Improve Immunity. We've All Been Lied To, But No One Can Objectively Answer This Question!

Personal History: After My 2nd Moderna Jab, I Passed-Out Face Down On The Floor. Busted My Lip On the Way Down To The Floor With My Face Hitting My Desk Table. Don't Know For How Long I Was Passed-Out. After Awakening , I Tried To Push Myself Up From The Floor. Could Only Raise Myself About 1 Inch. Tried Five Times With No Success. I Rested About Fifteen Minutes Rolled On My Side And Then Got Up. Needless To Say, I'm Not Getting Their Kill-Booster. I Consider Myself A Survivor. @JazzToker

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