bottom line , and most important is that all the illnesses of the last 100 yrs of the pharmacy profession, have been solely focused on parasite bourn invasions, to the immune system, I started with all the associated Q strains of malarial remedies, to find , each different remedy killed a different manifestation of parasite, of which there are several,, all stemming from the saliva of the female mosquito,,, hard to remember, and spell variations. lol which makes ya start thinking about blood, and lung diseases too, due to parasitic invasion,, and focused on a particular group of people, is even more revealing, when you look at the figures of people killed by any one, or all,, they've been having their freedom to experiment, with different populations, for way too long,, well ,,hopefully it will encourage a new breed of people to abandon gender studies for more practical educations in medicine, with a renewed emphasis on honesty and the oath. rather than the pay for play foolery going on in most hospitals today,, I used to think that behavior was only delegated to veterans hospitals, but apparently not. looks like everyone will be getting a heaping helping of government boot. please don't tell them how it will turn out,,,, I want to see the looks on their faces.

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