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This is more than likely to be yet another lawsuit waiting to happen. I certainly wouldn't want to be in the situation those members of the Police Farce have put themselves in. All it takes is the appropriate legal action and they're in a whole world of pain. Mandates are NOT Statute, they are just 'Rules', and it's time the Police realised this. Barrister Francis Hoar has won at least two claims on Clients behalf citing Unlawful Lockdown and Disproportionate Measures. Both run contrary to the 1984 Public Health Act. Additionally, there are clear breaches of Article 5 (Right to Liberty) and Article 11 (the Right to Freedom of Assembly and Association) of the Human Rights Act. Discrimination may also be an issue too.

When all this nonsense first started, a lady in Tescos was arrested for not wearing a mask. The Police were apparently completely unaware that they had no power whatsoever to enforce a Mandate, (which is nothing more than a 'Rule'), and apparently made themselves look extremely stupid when the Courts 'explained' their error to them.

Law is a powerful tool and it is there to be used. No one is above the law, as some Governments of the world are slowly finding out. Be it mask, meeting, passport, lockdown or forced vaccine, - none of these are written into Statue, and making them Mandatory, does NOT make them law.

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