Even if we have the evidence of election fraud, the problem we have is law enforcement, federal agencies, and the military all protect the criminals in power. I literally had FBI defend a labor trafficking extortion scam being ran out of my college. FBI was part of the sex trafficking too people have said. Law enforcement is on tape starting some of the fires during the BLM riots. Are people really going to fight hundreds of thousands of police, hundreds of thousands of federal agents, and the entire military, to try and win back the country? I doubt it. You would at least need more modern weapons that don't run out of ammo. Way too many of them. Try to get the police and military on our side at least, federal agencies will never join America. Police and military will probably side with the Technocracy too because they rely on them for their tech advantage. I think America is going to have to learn to live with rigged political system and just hopefully find a way to serve the Technocracy so they have mercy and don't torture you too bad. Everyone is already experimenting on their kids for the medical AI research.

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