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Trump's plausible deniability for a lot of the unfortunate outcomes (mistakes) are fading. We have learned that he takes credit for everything that worked but blames others for his admin's failures. Then he's not even smart enough to see how wrong the tunnel-vision remdesivir/ventilator/vaccine plan killed thousands of people who could have been saved by therapeutics and antivirals (as they were in some cases elsewhere)--he claims the vaccines saves MILLIONS? Only the dyed-in-wool Maga-tards would keep believing. Yet some people continue to make foolish excuses for him.

Kushner wouldn't let him do it? That's not an excuse. If he needs the golem rainmaker to get stuff done I will take any true conservative. Why is our choice TRUMP or RINO? Why would we want Trump back when he invites the Deep State in through the front door and them has someone to blame when things go wrong? You eventually figure out that Trump needs a foil and that he is just playing a game to promote himself; people should listen to the disaffected administration members who quit or were fired (And Ted Cruz basically took himself out of the running by ignoring the truth about Jan. 6.)

The art of the deal isn't going to work on the gullible anymore. The Trump luster is gone.

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