We are ALL under the death penalty! Until we realize that the LORD GOD, the MOST HIGH EL(ohim), the ALMIGHTY ONE, YHVH, Y'SHUa, JeSUs Christ is the One who died, resurrected and ascended for our rebellion against Him because we where once His angels! He Himself paid our debt just out of plain LOVE for us and made the WAY back, exposed the TRUTH and gives LIFE in abundance what we have so much longed for. His timetable is not our time table but we can know that time is at hand. Don't follow the way of spirituality but the way of Truth which we only can find in Him. The powers to be (the evil ones) who really runs this world want to take you over and now (about the last 150 years) it's the time to make their move to total dominion including destruction of mankind. No human effort can change what is happening now! Only Y'SHUa - JeSUs saves! and that's our spiritual miracle!

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