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Whoa, this was a good piece of info, I learnt a few things. I wonder your thoughts on Bob Larson and the tactics he uses to set people free. I watched alot of Mr Larson in the past, and his ways are a bit unconventional to me but he seems genuine, besides the divorce and money thing. My wife has depression at times and anxiety attacks often, and we sat down one day and prayed together, I felt the urge to kick these tent squatters off Gods property, so I got upset with these tormenting spirits, so I rebuked, bound and casted out in Jesus name, my wife stood in agreement. Afterwards we both prayed for forgiveness of our sinful ways. She was real good for two weeks, but slowly the old ways returned. I don’t understand why these spirits returned! Is it my own life addiction’s that nullified, or is it a generational curse that we didn’t address, or is it a bound promise that my wife made at one point in her life? God may need to make something known to us that we didn’t know prior, maybe, I just don’t know, but I wish I did. I love my wife, I treat her as if she is a delicate flower, not to destroy her beauty. She did come out of a very abusive marriage, in which her parents forcibly took her out before my knowing her. She came with two kids, that I raised as my own, adopted under my family name and rights, the exact thing Father God did with us. I wish I had more answers or training to finish the blessing. I’m very far from being a perfect man, but I’m required to be, I’m required to be forgiven. I despise demons, because of how they used to torment me as a child. R.W Shchambach before he passed was a wealth of information aswell regarding exorcism’s and walking in our God given promises. Demonic oppression is plagueing the world, I hope one day I can be used to better the world, one person at a time…..and who knows, with more training maybe I can do more, much more.

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