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Here's a criticism: I question why anyone (including you) would be on GETTR. You are already on Gab, and so why need a GETTR account? Basically, we are funding the enemy if we use GETTR. Plus, GETTR's terms of service sound like Twitter or Facebook.... and it's hosted by freaking Amazon. Starting to sound familiar since both Parler and that MeWe site are both hosted by Amazon. They banned Parler when they allowed conservatives to be as conservative as they can, but they kept MeWe up due to its censorship. They let Parler back up when it started to stand against free speech.

GETTR markets itself as "free speech", yet they banned Nick Fuentes after showing his freedom of expression.

In terms of social media, I only use Gab, and in terms of making and watching videos, I currently use Odysee.

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