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Thoughtful video 1-9-2202. Blind trust is stupid trust. Even blind trust to God is stupid. God doesn't wish for our blind trust. He expects us to question him because that is how we grow to know and love Him. I have trouble with this drumbeat toward traitors' sentencing. I believe if human kind uses ultimate capital punishment, then, are they any better than Satan? I believe human kind needs to wait for the justice from God. Sure, we can hold traitors and separate them from the rest of society, but who has the power over life and death? Not man. Not a group of men. Not countries. Not Satan. To use capital punishment means trying to be God. God's law was short and sweet...Thou shall not kill. Period.
There is something to be said, though, too, about repenting. I believe Trump repented. I believe Trump is still a sinner. I believe Trump needs to continue to repent. Humans were born to be sinful! They get washed at baptism to start afresh...however, there is still sinfulness lurking inside of them and yes, all people will sin again after baptism. Repentance is there to humble all of us. In this day, I would much prefer to walk on my journey through life with a repentant person, than someone who has it all figured out and doesn't feel a need to repent anymore. I believe that you repent daily, Daniel. I believe you can be listened to....but....I believe people should ask questions and use discernment with God's help, even though you seem totally tuned in. As with Q....imperfect. Humanity is imperfect. Language is imperfect. Perfection is only of God who grants this to US, when He's good and ready to do this.

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