Is it true what they are saying about you Stew? I thought you suspect from the outset because you only told us about things either we already knew or was of little significance. After seeing your 'music' career I am now absolutely certain the colour of your media is not just by cohencidence it being the colour of the marxist revolution. Not only do you have the charm and charisma of a damp tea bag but you are, without doubt a shill working against 'real' patriots(whatever they may be). You always know the shills sucj as yourself, Zalenko, Peterson etc because when ever there is a discussion, regardless of what it is referencing they ALWAYS, ALWAYS have to bring those bad Nazi's into it, even when there was absolutely no need to. This is what outed Jordan Peterson for me a couple of years ago, he always kept referencing those bad nazis, even when he didn't need to. Get on to his earlier talks, littered with references to nazis. The only person you should trust is... YOU!

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