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By the time people wake up to what's going on they will have already killed all of us. We made crucial mistake of outsourcing our defense to concepts like Sheriffs, and Military. Our military has lost every modern war even with huge technology advantage, and now they are reversing the freedoms won from WW2. We are all being medically experiment on again. Our military defends the elections of foreign countries, and will even help them hold special elections when fraud is statistically detected, but the country that hires them gets no defense, and we even have more credible evidence. Do you see how we can never win this? Our military actually works with foreign countries against Americans in some cases, they stand-down on defense and let foreign countries spy on us to profile us and form attack plans against targeted Americans. Foreign countries have actual psychological warfare divisions that attack Americans and our military was found helping them. Ask Admiral Rodgers about the illegal databases he was keeping on all of us.

you really think the US military would ever defend US citizens? They would kill all of us before ever lifting a finger. So you can track all the stats about viruses and vaccines, but ultimately we empowered a criminal group that is too dumb to realize we are in symbiotic relationship, so they will let us be killed without realizing it is their demise too. They think they can serve the Technocracy, and everything will be fine.

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