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Even if a soldier in the military wanted to defend US citizens, the chain-of-command and compartmentalization would never allow them. Do you see how we outsourced our defense to the wrong group? Our military is literally giving hostages and billions in equipment to the terrorist group they were fighting for 20 years. A terrorist group with no opposing military of their own was able to outlast and defeat the most expensive military on the planet. Local law enforcements appear to also be standing down, as children get masked and medically experimented on. Its not just that masks don't work, its that masks can be scientifically shown with repeatable experiment to actually have detrimental effect. So you can just look at a region, and if they are still promoting mask mandates and experimental vaccines, then you know it is controlled region. Similar to how people use to use flags, to fly a flag over building or region to show it was controlled.

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