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OUCH!!!! I didn't know that Cronkite said that!! I suppose that it would be like having a dirty old man around but only worse! Yet, when you think about it, this crapola has really been going on with this demoNcratic horseplay under the covers and even in plain sight for going on about 62 years now!!! Communist views as such have been in existence since about 1959 and now it's being pushed to the public and hyper speed now! The horseplay must be put to rest, since we don't want it here, we don't like it here and we must send it back where it came from!!! Plus, the authoritative idiots need themselves to be censored and boarded on a plane, being shipped to someplace like Siberia; where it is really cold,desolate, dark ,etc and so they can become the hunted!

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